Travel Thoughts: Soiled Laundry and Expectation Management

One learns a thing or two about acceptance while traveling far from home. It struck me the other day that the kind of thing I would not tolerate at home is the same sort of thing I essentially expect to happen while I’m abroad. Perhaps it is more about expectations than about acceptance, then, because it wasn’t the thing itself that made me go “hmmm” but rather my reflecting upon it later.

Laundry Day in Rotheburg

Laundry Day in Rothenburg

The thing under consideration here was my doing the laundry in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber last week. Here was the procedure: identify, on a scouting mission on the first day, the location of the suspected laundromat; on the second day: stuff my pack full of dirty laundry and the necessary soap and put it on my back (20 pounds?); hike it up the hill and through town, stopping along the way to ensure I had enough change to operate a coin machine at a potentially costly rate; find the laundry place again; realize that it is only open until 3 o’clock; turn around, head back down the hill; repeat the procedure the following day but for finding the place closed; spend the necessary $6.00 or so for a single load + drying; wait the necessary 90 or so minutes; hike it back down to the house.

It wasn’t until I was completing my second of the 70 minute round trips that I noticed I hadn’t really been bothered by the whole thing. Makes one think.

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Writer hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Interdisciplinary teacher (read: generalist guiding inquiry) at an independent school. Adjunct instructor at a medium sized state school. Lover of learning. Favorite destination: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany. @CaponeTeaches on Twitter M.S. Philosophy (Univ. of Utah 2013) M.A. Humanities (Univ. of Chicago 2007) B.A. Philosophy & English (Washington & Jefferson College 2006
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1 Response to Travel Thoughts: Soiled Laundry and Expectation Management

  1. Nicolle says:

    I hope you’re not trying to make us feel bad for you- given where you happened to be doing your laundry Mr. Capone!
    You should make this attitude more prevalent when you’re at home! The way one deals with the various crappy things that are bound to happen every single day can really have an impact, as I’m sure you noticed. Easier said than done 🙂

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