Presentation Plan: Utah Council for the Social Studies – Nov. 2, 2019

If you’re teacher in Utah, or if you just so happen to be visiting Utah in early November, I would love to meet with you and talk gamification. I’m gamifying my course again this year, and the game is in a constant beta-state of improvement.

Here’s the description of the presentation I’m planning in Utah, and a variant of this will be the mode and content of one of my AMLE presentations.

Gamification is the practice of adding game elements to non-game contexts, and although we’ve been accruing skymiles and Starbucks points for years, gamification is only now reaching classrooms. What’s the difference between game-based learning (GBL), gameful learning, and gamified learning? What are game mechanics, and how can they enhance learning in the classroom? How can teachers use gamification in a unit or yearlong effort? And just how much of a time commitment are we talking, here? Following a (very) brief introduction to the methods and research behind gamification, Stephen Capone will be leading the group in a game-building effort that will show everyone that it’s possible to incorporate high-engagement gamification in our classrooms. This workshop-style presentation will engage all learners just as gamification would students as we build a classroom game together and identify how our Social Studies classrooms might be enhanced by gamification. Attendees will walk away not only with plenty of ideas but also a method for gamifying their own classrooms.


As always, I appreciate any feedback or advice, and I hope to see you in November either in Utah or in Nashville!

About Steve Capone

Writer hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Interdisciplinary teacher (read: generalist guiding inquiry) at an independent school. Adjunct instructor at a medium sized state school. Lover of learning. Favorite destination: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany. @CaponeTeaches on Twitter M.S. Philosophy (Univ. of Utah 2013) M.A. Humanities (Univ. of Chicago 2007) B.A. Philosophy & English (Washington & Jefferson College 2006
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