Ender’s Game: A Belated Reading & Irrelevant Review

** spoiler alert **

This book was fine and was good as a kids’ adventure book, however…

it was not well-written in terms of character development, use of language (think economy, setting-derived vernacular, and figurative language) and generally in terms of authorial choices. These problems repeatedly made suspension of disbelief impossible.

It was entertaining, though, and a younger version of me would have loved this book. I only wish I could have come to it at age 12 or 13.

If you’re an adult who loves sci-fi, you might think as you read, as did I: “This is Starship Troopers, only not as good.” Or you might wish for more le Guin or Aasimov in OSC.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, I also found that the protagonist was dislikable didn’t face a real challenge until the final 20% of the book. Additionally, in terms of my personal taste, the whole übermensch-type, go-it-alone, ayn randian + jesusy protagonist bothered me a lot.

In any case, as I said, this would have been an amazing book had I come to it about 25 years ago and without having other experiences in this genre of literature.

This review is cross-posted with my goodreads account, and I welcome you to friend me there to share your reviews and ratings with me.

Also, and I add this without judgment in favor or against the text: there was much more nudity and were way more homoerotic scenes than I expected, but I was entertained by this, as well.

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