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Teacher to Teacher: A Letter to a Naively Racist and Classist Younger Me

Steve, I’m here to address a problem that you’re going to want to dismiss as soon as you hear it. I’ll cut to the chase. When people talk about systemic racism, you are a part of the system perpetrating the … Continue reading

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The Bomb, Duck-and-Cover Drills, and You (today, right now)

Burt the Turtle is getting old enough that he requires an introduction where for a long time none would have been needed. In the 1950s through the 1980s, there existed a real threat that everything on Earth would end in … Continue reading

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A Two-Track-Option Approach to Teaching and Learning

We can give students most comfortable with predictability and control over tight scheduling one track/option that suits their needs, and we can give students who prefer a flexible, thinking-skill-driven, personalized learning experience that choice as a second track. Continue reading

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…on what is called “deep learning”

I’ve been taking an online course lately through edX called “Deep Learning Through Transformative Pedagogy” and I’ve already found a mission for academic educators to sort out for us practitioners to improve our teaching outcomes. As an aside, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Conference Week, 2019! UCSS and AMLE19

Things are about to get quite a bit [more] interesting for me. Saturday, bright and early, you’ll find me at the Utah Council for the Social Studies (UCSS) presenting a gamified hour on the topic of gamification. Here’s my blurb: … Continue reading

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