Site Policies

1. Moderation Policy: I’m moderating all comments on the blog. That means that I must approve all comments before they appear on the site. In addition to pruning any spam-like posts, I’ll also be pruning personal/ad hominem attacks on me or any other commenter. Keep it clean and respectful. I also am keeping in my pocket the blog-author trump card, which I do not use very often: I reserve the right to prune any comments to which I have strong negative reactions, regardless of whether or not you find the comment to be reasonable. On this site, you may consider me the benevolent dictator in a friendly, totalitarian aristocracy – where my decisions are absolute and are reasoned somewhat carefully.

2. Any person offering constructive feedback that affects the structure or substance (in a measurable degree) of a paper project I post to this website will be acknowledged appropriately in any presentation or publication that is the product of the work on which the person offers that constructive feedback. The nice thing about having this site is that I will have written record of anyone who helps me to improve my work, and I’ll be very happy to acknowledge your assistance!

3. And, of course, all material in this website is copyrighted to the author of the content in question according to the date of web-publication — no reproduction without permission. If you know copyright law at all, you’ll know that everything put in tangible form is automatically copyrighted – that includes material appearing on this website.

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