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What Elementary Teachers can Learn from Academic Philosophy

One of the best parts about my career shift from the academy to elementary (middle-level, specifically) education is the level of support and enthusiasm offered when educators get together to discuss how to be better at what we do. When … Continue reading

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Learning to Like What We Do Not Like (bootstrapping preferences)

Sometimes, we just like what we like. Our preferences have real costs (and benefits, to be sure). If we don’t like a subject in school, at any level, we struggle to find what typically counts as success. It feels difficult, … Continue reading

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Telling Myself Stories About Myself

John Locke followed his assumptions (holding experience to be paramount) through to the conclusion that what makes us human is our collections of disconnected ideas – memories – that there is no self underpinning these memories. We’re bundles of ideas. … Continue reading

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Don’t Androids Give the Best Advice?

This sort of thing tends to happen when I’ve not slept enough and I’m stuck unable to be productive or really do much of anything successfully. Rather than reading or writing, I spent about two thirds of my trip back … Continue reading

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“Kein Mensch ist Illegal”

I’ve been noticing graffiti and stickers bearing this slogan around town here in Dresden, and I did twenty seconds of web searching to figure out what it’s about. I had a half-understanding of this from just reading the text of … Continue reading

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