Rocky Mountain Travel

I’ve really been selling my local area short. Within a day’s drive, there are something like ten national parks, countless state parks, amazing roads, mountain ranges, and ski destinations. I’m going to start tracking and posting about regional travel. Because I’ve always thought of my website as something of my own, I never really considered the fact that there’d be interest in my travels in the Rocky Mountain West of the United States, but here we are. I’ve lived in the Rocky Mountain Region for over a decade, and it’s about time I shared my experiences with you. Some of this will be in the form of trip reports. Other posts will offer reviews or consider specific feedback about lesser-known hikes or drives. Others may just be reflections about nature. There’s a lot of that around here.


Here’s my first post on the subject – it’s about a very brief trip that had us meet with three national parks and one state park in about 52 hours. (30 April, 2019).